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Hi and welcome

I'm Sinù, an Italian writer and curious vegetarian foodie living on the mainland of Venice. I grew up in a Hare Krishna community, hence the "vegetarian" before the "foodie", and I'm a big fan of slow living to build a more intuitive, creative and sustainable lifestyle. Ultimately I like simple food better than anything else.
Without further ado, let me introduce you to Dash of Prosecco - a playful newsletter about food, identity & life on the mainland of Venice.
Besides being evidence of a love for fine prosecco, this newsletter is about learning to cook and writing about it.

As simple as that.

What to expect?

These are monthly emails (give or take) where I share my hunger for good food and an urge to belong. Here I'll serve you the very best of:

1. Baking mischiefs

I just got a long-awaited oven and I can finally play around with it. Expect lots of recipe testing and faffing... I've been collecting baking inspiration for ages so I'll be sharing it all with you here, finally.

2. Weekend cooking

Let's be honest, after a long day at work, the only thing I may whip up is my bed (that's been waiting undone since the morning). Nonetheless, on my daily 15-min train ride commute, I scour the internet for happiness-inducing dishes to try during the weekend. Sometimes I make them, other times, I just sleep in.

3. Forgotten Venetian recipes

I literally stole an old Venetian cookbook from my in-laws'. On the yellow pages, there are recipes that read like a Venetian gondolier on a hunt for customers... they're all written in the typically dry and fun local dialect, and, since there's no Italian or English translation available to date, I'll be translating them for you. You're very welcome.

4. Food for thought

Cookbooks, podcasts, reading lists... all the food-related inspiration I come across during a week or month and which I'm glad I can share with you.

As of now, Dash of Prosecco is completely free for all subscribers. If you wish to support my work and cooking, you can do so by making a donation.

Portrait photo of Sinù Fogarizzu, slow living writer and author of Dash of Prosecco.
Hi, this is me!

I’m Sinù, a 30-something Italian writer, lover of simple food and slow living. I blog (not so often now) at and hang out daily on Instagram and Twitter, come say hi.

Note for my old subscribers: If you originally subscribed for my old self-care & slow living newsletter, don't worry, there will still be some of that woven in here, too. After all, it's all thanks to slow living that I discovered my love for food.

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